Christian Website Links

The links below are to Christian sites that I admire, respect, or have found useful. - This is a Christian message board with quite a few people on it. - Site of Bethel Church in Redding, California- known for its documented healings and Pentecostal background. - A site that most Christians shouldn't be without. It allows you to quickly find the passages of Scripture that you were looking for, and even in tons of different translations. - This is a free downloadable Bible that also has Bible study software included. I prefer using online resources, but when internet isn't available, this tool could be invaluable to some.

Random Links

These are other links that I have found useful or interesting. They probably aren't christian or nudist related. - Technology, Entertainment, Design. Some of the world's most brilliant and influencial ideas and minds come together to contribute to TED. - A website to help people give used items to others so that less products end up in landfills. One man's trash is another man's treasure. - I don't ever really use this, but writers might appreciate it. It's a rhyming dictionary. Just type in your word and it will find rhymes for you. - Have a website you can't read? You can copy and paste the text into the translator on this site and get your answer, for free. - Online encyclopedia made and upkept by everyday people.  - A collection of public domain pictures that are free to use for personal or commercial use. (The site also has sections of pictures that do have some cost, so be careful to make sure you are in the right section before taking any.) - Your online guide to how long leftovers are good for. I haven't really done an in-depth study to see how reliable this site is, but they say they base their data on national health standards related info/research. - A website that hosts videos. - This is another site like Youtube, but apparently lesser known.


This section is dedicated to online games that I've found amusing, awesome, useful, etc.

Magic Pen- This a game for science buffs and doodle buffs alike. The object of the game is to get a ball to the goal which is a flag. The catch is, you have to draw all the tools that you want and/or need so that you can get the ball to the flag (which, of course, has various obstacles in the way).