Creativity Page

This page is where I put the ideas, toys, inventions, and other things that I have been looking into or working on at.

What If's

This section is where I list random thoughts that I might like to see come into existence.

  • Book Donations- What if more christian books were bought and then donated to libraries? Lots of people use libraries, and it would only take one good book to change a person's life forever. And the donator could still always check the book out and read it again later if they wanted to.
  •  Knowledge Bank- We have the resources, so why don't we make the internet the place where people can learn/get training on how to do pretty much anything for free. We keep paying tons of people to teach us how to do various skills. If we had people who were willing to put up training videos on the internet to be shared with everyone, then everyone else could save money by being able to learn the skills online instead of being forced to pay an instructor. We have this to some degree already, but what if we made it a societal goal? As well, why don't we put more books online available for free reading? It could enrich society that much more.
  • Wind Related Power- What if instead of having a small bladed windmill, engineers used a huge thin sheet of material and had special equipment that harnessed the tension in the wires that held the sheet back from blowing away? Or for smaller windmills, perhaps it would help to have some sort of coil that built up tension slowly during the very low wind days and then when it got to a certain tension level released its stored energy to cause the magnets/generator to spin at a worthwhile rate?  
  • Education- Teachers try to make students fit the educational program that the teachers have made, instead of making an educational program that fits how the students have been made. Ignoring the innate mental makeup of how a human is designed has been one of the glaring flaws in the education system for a long time. Teachers need to find out how to utilize students' natural desires and abilities to learn. If students are capable of spending a 100 hours working on mastering a video game, then the main one to blame for why the student isn't spending 5 minutes on his homework is the teacher. What's a teacher who isn't good at teaching?
  • Hair Art- get a lot of women/men with long hair, and make an art show out of it by using fans and etc to blow the hair in many different variations, directions, and intensities.
  • Super-Efficient Carbon Soaking Trees- You know, one of the biggest eaters of carbon (according to my knowledge) is the plant life that exists on the earth. Maybe scientists should genetically design/breed incredibly potent carbon eating trees to help fight against global warming. I mean, once we got a few growing on their own, they would even reproduce themselves. After the initial cost, it would start saving us a lot of money.
  • An Online Dictionary That Works Backwards- You put in a definition for the word you're looking for, and it brings up the words that it can find that might fit your definition.
  • Creation Center- I want to see a Creation Center put in Cleveland, Ohio (and in other major cities as well). A creation center is a public benefit building, kind of like an art museum, but at a creation center, people are allowed to come in and use the facilities. At these facilities would be things like a recording studio, a woodshop, an architecture area with drafting programs on computers, writers' workshops and resource centers, resource centers to help people get connected with the people they need to see their ideas come into existance, etc. It's a big think tank refinery, and as well, it would double to stimulate ideas for people also. And we could put people who move in the prophetic there as well, so that God could speak his words both over people to bless them, and to help their ideas, and ideas in general, to come about even more greatly.
  • Thunder Gloves- Gloves that can be worn, and when struck on something, make a loud thunder-like sound; especially making a really loud thunder-like sound or boom when the gloves are struck against each other.