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Welcome. I upkeep this site because I simply have too much stuff that I can't do without a site. Some of the stories about my nudist experiences are on my My Writing page. Information about me or how to contact me can be found on my About Me page. I also finally finished Part 1 (The Scriptural) of my Exhaustive Biblical Defense of Nudism, and that can be found on My Writing page as well. 



Cleaned up some dead links on the website. Will add an update of experiences when I get time.


Added a link to an article on the impacts of improper sex education. It's located on my Body Positive page. Also added a link to a female Christian writer speaking about modesty policing. It is located on my About Nudism page.


Updated my blurb about the problem of modest dress culture. It can be found on my About Nudism page.

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